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Consumers pay no application fee when they decide to make use of NCr Debt Counsellor.co.za. Some unscroupolous debt counsellors will charge more than R50 for the application, but this is illegal. All debt counselling fees are governed by the NCR.

The first fee is the restructuring fee. The restructuring fee is equal to the first payment that a customer makes to the Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) or a maximum of R 6 000.00 excluding VAT. Joint applications also have a restructuring fee limit of R6 000.00.
The second fee is the legal or court fee. All applications end in court, so a court file is prepared for the case. The legal fee is limited to a maximum of R 750 for a consent order. If consent cannot be obtained from all creditors this fee may be higher. We will provide you with a quote for all extra charges. Your legal fee will be included in your monthly payments to the PDA and the attorneys will be remunerated monthly.

The aftercare fee is an ongoing monthly fee that is payable every month as long as you are in debt counselling. The aftercare fee is 5% of the PDA distribution amount to a maximum of R400.00 (excl. VAT) per month.

A Rejection Fee of R300 will be charged, should you decide to withdraw from the process in the period between signing Form 16 and the completion of the restructuring negotiations by the Debt Counsellor. You will become liable for the payment of this fee immediately after withdrawing from the process.

75% of Restructuring Fee: Should you wish to withdraw from the process after the debt counsellor has already completed the restructuring negotiations, a fee equal to 75% of the restructuring fee will become payable by you.
NB! All fees are paid by the PDA to debt counsellor. So the fees come out of the distribution amount paid over each month by customer. In other words the customer does not have to find the funds to pay us. The customer simply pays the PDA what he/she can afford to pay each month. And this amount is worked out when we do the budget.
Please watch out for Debt Counsellors insisting that you pay the restructuring fee or your monthly debt payments directly to them. A Debt Counsellor may never receive any money from you, apart from the normally charged R 50 application fee.
There are only five accredited Payment Distribution Agencies. Please make sure that your payments go to one of these. Click here to see a list of registered PDAs.